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Friday, October 17, 2014

7:2-6. Fax Transmission of Complaint-Warrants

During off-business hours, a law enforcement officer may submit a Complaint-Warrant (CDR-2) and any supporting documentation by facsimile (fax) transmission to the municipal court judge or to the authorized court administrator or deputy court administrator (judicial officer) to obtain a signature if probable cause is found, as follows:
  • (a)A law enforcement officer seeking the issuance of a Complaint-Warrant shall prepare a CDR-2 and contact a judicial officer.
  • (b)The law enforcement officer shall fax the CDR-2 to the judicial officer for a determination of probable cause. The fax machine must be capable of printing on each transmitted document the time and date of the fax transmission.
  • (c)If the judicial officer makes any corrections to the transmitted fax document, the law enforcement officer shall make those corrections on the original document. The officer shall then retransmit the corrected document to the judicial officer for signature.
  • (d)On the next business day, the judicial officer shall conform the original CDR-2 and shall attach the signed fax copy to the original. If the judicial officer who signed the fax copy is the municipal court judge, the original CDR-2 may be signed by the judge or be attested in the judges name and signed by the municipal court administrator

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