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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Court Rule 7:5-1. Filing

  • (a) By Whom; Documents to be Filed.The judge issuing a search warrant shall attach to it the return, inventory, and all other papers related to the warrant, including affidavits and a transcript or summary of any oral testimony and, if applicable, a duplicate original search warrant. The judge shall promptly deliver these documents to the municipal court administrator, who shall file them with the vicinage Criminal Division Manager of the county in which the property was seized. The municipal court administrator shall retain in a confidential file copies of all papers filed with the Criminal Division Manager. If a tape or transmitted recording has been made, the municipal court administrator shall also send them to the Criminal Division Manager, but shall not retain a copy.
  • (b) Providing to Defendant; Inspection.All completely executed warrants, together with the supporting papers and recordings described in paragraph (a) of this rule, shall be provided to the defendant in discovery pursuant toR. 7:7-7and, upon notice to the county prosecutor and for good cause shown, available for inspection and copying by any other person claiming to be aggrieved by the search and seizure.

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