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Sunday, October 28, 2012

46:8-28 Certificate of registration; filing, contents.

46:8-28  Certificate of registration; filing, contents.
2.Every landlord shall, within 30 days following the effective date of this act, or at the time of the creation of the first tenancy in any newly constructed or reconstructed building, file with the clerk of the municipality, or with such other municipal official as is designated by the clerk, in which the residential property is situated, in the case of a one-dwelling unit rental or a two-dwelling unit non-owner occupied premises, or with the Bureau of Housing Inspection in the Department of Community Affairs in the case  of a multiple dwelling as defined in section 3 of the  "Hotel and Multiple  Dwelling Law"  (C.55:13A-3), a certificate of registration on forms prescribed  by the Commissioner of Community Affairs, which shall contain the following  information:

a.The name and address of the record owner or owners of the premises and the record owner or owners of the rental business if not the same persons.  In the case of a partnership the names of all general partners shall be provided;

b.If the record owner is a corporation, the name and address of the registered agent and corporate officers of said corporation;

c.If the address of any record owner is not located in the county in which  the premises are located, the name and address of a person who resides in the  county in which the premises are located and is authorized to accept notices  from a tenant and to issue receipts therefor and to accept service of process  on behalf of the record owner;

d.The name and address of the managing agent of the premises, if any;

e.The name and address, including the dwelling unit, apartment or room number of the superintendent, janitor, custodian or other individual employed by the record owner or managing agent to provide regular maintenance service, if any;

f.The name, address and telephone number of an individual representative of the record owner or managing agent who may be reached or contacted at any time in the event of an emergency affecting the premises or any unit of dwelling space therein, including such emergencies as the failure of any essential service or system, and who has the authority to make emergency decisions concerning the building and any repair thereto or expenditure in connection therewith and shall, at all times, have access to a current list of building tenants that shall be made available to emergency personnel as required in the event of an emergency;

g.The name and address of every holder of a recorded mortgage on the premises;

h.If fuel oil is used to heat the building and the landlord furnishes the  heat in the building, the name and address of the fuel oil dealer servicing the  building and the grade of fuel oil used.

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