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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Post Will instructions

I recommend that you review your Will
periodically in order to keep it up-to date regarding changes in your family,
your property, your wishes, and the law. 
I suggest that approximately five (5) years from the present time, you
contact my office and schedule an appointment again so that we can review your
Will together.

do not let this periodic review program prevent you from considering the making
of a change in your Will at any earlier date. 
Changes should be made whenever you believe such changes are necessary.
A person's family, property and wishes may change over the years and for these
and other reasons you should re-examine your will from time to time in order to
make sure that it will carry out your present wishes.
caution you against making any marks upon your original Will because this can
lead to a Will contest. If you want to make a change in your Will, please come
back to my office and we will either make a Codicil (a short addition) to your
Will or a new Will depending upon your needs and wishes.

the event that a death occurs in your family, may I suggest that you contact my
office immediately in order to determine what, if anything, must be done in
order to settle that person's estate. I also suggest that you instruct your
Executor and the members of your family to contact my office immediately, in
the event of your death, in order to determine what, if anything, must be done
to settle your estate.

         It has been a pleasure handling your
legal affairs. If I can be of any help to you in the future, please be sure to
call on me again. Thank you again for allowing my office to be of service to
you.  We hope you are satisfied with the
services performed by my office.  The
file is now closed.

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