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Friday, October 24, 2014

Joint Representation Agreement

It is the policy of _______________________, Attorney at Law, to advise couples in committed relationships that each of you is entitled to be represented by your own attorney. By signing this agreement, you have authorized me to represent both of you in your estate planning.
I cannot be an advocate for one of you against the other if I represent both of you. Information either of you gives me relating to your will and your general estate plan cannot and will not be kept by me from the other. You have asked me to advise you jointly, so my effort will be to assist you in developing a coordinated overall estate plan. I will also encourage the resolution of any differences of opinion or conflicting interests in an equitable and logical manner. As to those matters on which your individual interests may differ, I will attempt to explain to both of you the interests of each of you and the effect a particular course of action will have on you individually.
By signing this letter, each of you confirms that you have requested and consented to me jointly representing both of you in connection with the preparation of your wills and your general estate plan. Each of you agree that communications and information I receive from either of you that is relevant to your wills and general estate plan will not be kept confidential from the other. You also understand that if a conflict of interest arises between the two of you I will be ethically obligated to withdraw from representing either of you. At that time I will encourage both of you to retain independent counsel.
Date: __________________ ____________________________________
Date: __________________ ____________________________________

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