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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Business Trough Barter Depot

Business Trough Barter Depot

If every business person truly understood the countless values of bartering, the billion dollar explosion in America would be even bigger than it already is. It is thus imperative to further explain this wonderful business tool. Webster's Dictionary defines barter:

" To trade ( e.g., goods ) without the exchange of money." Think of the inner workings of barter as follows:

Suppose you're a dentist and join The Barter Depot (TBD). You want to have some work done on your office, specifically painting and carpentry. TBD's vast memberships includes painters and carpenters, so they refer a painter and carpenter to you, and you get them to do the job

They complete the work to your satisfaction and instead of paying them cash, they do the job on barter, in Iieu of cash or check, the painter and carpenter receive payment in full for their work through trade dollars. These trade dollars are equal to the amount of money they charged for their work.

In our example, if the painter charged the dentist $500 for his work, then the painter would receive $500 in trade dollars from TBD. He could spend that money with anyone else in the barter group. For instance, the painter might need a new brochure made so he uses his dollars to get a brochure done. If the amount for the brochure is less than $500 then he retains more trade dollars, if it exceeds $500 he is minus trade dollars.

TBD owner Joseph Prince says, " We not only find out what each of our members needs for their business, but we find out their personal preferences ( i.e. vacations) too."

Bartering is a valuable tool for business and pleasure. The trade dollars accumulated for your work can be used for either. It's like having a cash-less credit card available to purchase almost anything one would need, as TBD has hundreds of members in a diverse cross-section of business and services that are eager to trade products and services on barter. Simply put, barter combines the use of smart business people that remain faithful to one another.

For additional information, call THE BARTER DEPOT TODAY 1-800-409-2209 FAX 1-908-409-6998. Mention Ken Vercammen and they will send you a free information kit.

From an economic standpoint, barter serves many important needs of these smart business people.

Here are a few of them.

1. Barter brings new business to your business (Increasing cash flow, while saving you cash);
2. Barter is a great tool to cut any business's overhead by at least 10 percent:
3. Barter markets your business ( or services ) to new businesses;
4. Barter can move excess inventory (without having to have a big sale at reduced profits).

As a business person and a TBD member, to get the most for your dollar you must constantly think BARTER. Each day, each of us has so many small needs that we take them for granted. Add these needs up cumulatively and the cost can be substantial. If however, you used your TBD cash-less credit card, think of all the savings you would enjoy.

Here's just a partial list of monthly potential savings:

1. When the clothes stack up, use bartering for dry cleaning
2. If it's time for that yearly dental checkup, try one of TBD's fine dentists;
3. If the muffler is hanging, fix it on barter;
4. If you need your dog groomed, do you and your dog a favor and think barter.
5. Legal services also available on Barter Depot.
6. Get Your Business on the Internet by Barter. Call John K Haslach (908) 566-2849.

For additional information, call THE BARTER DEPOT TODAY 1-800-409-2209 FAX 1-908-409-6998 or Kenneth Vercammen, Esq. 732-572-0500

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