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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Middlesex County Estate Planning Council - Speaker needed!

In several counties in New Jersey, estate planning professionals have set up Councils whereby those assisting seniors and taxpayers with their estate planning could meet on a quarterly basis to share ideas. We want professionals from the field of law, accounting, life insurance, long term care insurance, banking and financial planning a forum in which to share ideas and network. We will share ideas on providing advice, new laws, networking and marketing. Senior Citizen Coordinators and anyone who provides advice to seniors and the Elderly should also attend. We need a speaker for our Winter and Spring meetings. This will give the speaker the opportunity to network and gain new witness contacts. Would you like to learn techniques to improve and increase your estate planning business or better serve your clients? If interested, contact Kenneth Vercammen 732-572-0500 We will have an educational and interesting roundtable discussion which will focus on helping seniors and improving your business. We will also share ideas and discuss recent changes in the law. If interested, contact Kenneth Vercammen.
Speaker Duties-

1. Mail flyer to all professionals and companies using labels provided [Approx. 600 professionals]

2. Call at least 200 people to invite and request e-mail addresses. [Ken V will provide confidential phone list, to be returned after program]

3. Send to local media, in newspaper and cable TV. [Ken V to provide labels]

4. Assist with other publicity, such as sending flyers to their own contacts.

5. Prepare 15-20 minute presentation

6. Provide return address envelopes to Ken V so elder law database can be revised

7. Provide any email addresses obtained to Ken V 8. We recommend speaker do as much publicity as possible since this is their opportunity to market themselves

Ken Vercammen will provide:

1. Labels of approx. 600 financial planners, accountants, attorneys, senior citizen coordinators and other professionals

2. Prepare a draft of flyer for speaker to revise

3. Make Final draft of flyer for speaker to photocopy: Speaker permitted to print their own info or bio on back of meeting notice

4. If requested Ken V can provide 600 envelopes for mailing, otherwise you use your own envelopes

5. Ken V will organize meeting room at meetings- at Meilings in Metuchen.

6. Provide Certificate of Appreciation for speaker

__________________________ sign and date Yes, I agree to serve as speaker and perform the responsibilities of speaker.

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