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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Corporate Annual Filings

ANNUAL REPORT: The annual report form is to be mailed with the appropriate fee no later than 30 days after the filing month and year indicated on the top line of the card. The Annual Report is issued to corporations each year in accordance with a filing month designated by the Secretary of State.
DELINQUENCY NOTICE: Corporations not filing an Annual Report in a timely manner will receive a Delinquency Notice form which reflects the year(s) for which the corporation has not filed an Annual Report. If a Delinquency Notice is enclosed, The Annual Report has not yet been received by the Secretary of State. The Delinquency Notice is to be filed instead of the Annual Report.

REQUIRED INFORMATION: Information to be entered on the Annual Report or Delinquency Notice includes: the main business address of the corporation, the names and addresses of the directors, trustees, and officers, the titles of these individuals, the date appointed for the next annual meeting of the shareholders for the election of directors (Profit only), and the signature of the chairman of board, president, or vice president.

PAYMENT OF FEE: All checks must have the current date; postdated or "stale" dated checks are unacceptable. Please include corporation number on your check.

PENALTIES FOR FAILURE TO FILE ANNUAL REPORT: (PROFIT) A docketed judgment will be entered in the Superior Court and penalty of $200.00 assessed for each delinquent year. (NON-PROFIT) Certificate of Incorporation or Authority will be revoked should the annual report not be filed for two consecutive years.

CHANGE OF REGISTERED AGENT AND/OR REGISTERED OFFICE: All corporations are required to notify the Secretary of State of changes in the name and registered office of the registered agent. A form is contained for this purpose. Do not reflect these changes on the Annual Report or Delinquency Notice. A corporation submitting a Post Office Box address for its agent must also submit the agent's street address.

OTHER: Corporations finding any inconsistencies between their records and those on file with this office should forward appropriate documentation to the Division of Commercial Recording, Department of State.

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