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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2A:42-103. Definitions

2A:42-103.   Definitions       As used in this act:


    "Continuing nuisance" means the keeping of a domesticated animal in a manner which interferes with the health, security and comfort of the other residents of a senior citizen housing project, or the keeping of domesticated animals of a number, size, breed or species inappropriate for the type or size of senior citizen housing project or a dwelling unit within that senior citizen housing project. 

    "Domesticated animal" means a dog, cat, bird, fish or other animal which does not constitute a health or safety hazard. 

    "Landlord" means, in the case of a senior citizen housing project in which dwelling units are rented or offered for rent under either a written or oral lease, the person or persons who own or purport to own the building, structure or complex of buildings or structures in which those rental dwelling units are situated.  In the case of a senior citizen housing project that is organized or operated as a planned real estate development, landlord means the governing board or body of that development. 

    "Planned real estate development" means any real property situated within the State, whether contiguous or not, which consists of, or will consist of, separately owned areas, irrespective of form, be it lots, parcels, units, or interests, and which are offered or disposed of pursuant to a common promotional plan, and providing for common or shared elements or interests in real property.  It shall include, but not be limited to, property subject to the "Condominium Act," P.L.1969, c.257 (C.46:8B-1 et seq.), any form of homeowners' association, any housing cooperative or any community trust or other trust device. 

    "Senior citizen" means a person 62 years of age or over and shall include a surviving spouse if that surviving spouse is 55 years of age or over. 

    "Senior citizen housing project" or "project" means any building or structure, and any land appurtenant thereto, having three or more dwelling units, be they rental or owner-occupied, intended for, and solely occupied by, senior citizens; except that, it shall not include owner-occupied premises having not more than three dwelling units that are rented or offered for rent, or any health care facility as defined in the "Health Care Facilities Planning Act," P.L.1971, c.136 (C.26:2H-1 et seq.).  

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