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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2A:42-6.2. Violations; disorderly persons

Any person violating the provisions of this act shall be a disorderly person.

     L.1976, c. 100, s. 2, eff. Oct. 7, 1976.
2A:42-6.3.  Applicability of act3.The provisions of this act shall only be applicable to premises rented or leased by senior citizens receiving Social Security Old Age Pensions, Railroad Retirement Pensions or other governmental pensions in lieu of Social Security Old Age Pensions, and by recipients of Social Security Disability Benefits, Supplemental Security Income or benefits under Work First New Jersey.

L.1976,c.100,s.3; amended 2001, c.142, s.2.
2A:42-7.  Action for possession for nonpayment of rent;  service of summons    A landlord or lessor to whom 1 year's rent in arrear is due, and who shall have the right to re-enter the demised premises for nonpayment thereof, may without a formal demand or re-entry, institute an action for the possession of such premises.  If the summons in the action cannot be served in the usual manner, the landlord or lessor may affix the same upon the demised premises in a conspicuous place thereon, which affixing shall be deemed legal service thereof.  The service or affixing shall take the place of a demand and re-entry.
L.1951 (1st SS), c.344.
2A:42-8.  Judgment and execution bar to relief, except appeal
A lessee or other person claiming or deriving title under a lease who suffers judgment in said action for possession and execution to be executed thereon, without paying the rent and arrears, together with costs and without filing any complaint for equitable relief within 6 months after the execution is executed, shall be barred and foreclosed from all relief or remedy other than by appeal from the judgment, and the landlord or lessor shall, from thenceforth hold the demised premises discharged from the lease.
L.1951 (1st SS), c.344.
2A:42-9.  Dismissal on payment of rent and costs;  resumption of lease    If the tenant or his assignee shall at any time before the trial in the action for possession of the demised premises, pay or tender to the lessor or landlord, his executor, administrator or attorney, or pay into the court where the action for possession of the demised premises shall be pending, all the rents and arrears, together with the costs, all further proceedings in the action shall be dismissed.  If the lessee, his executors, administrators or assigns, shall be granted equitable relief, he shall have, hold and enjoy the demised lands, according to the lease thereof made, without a new lease being made to him, provided the court shall so adjudge.
L.1951 (1st SS), c.344.
2A:42-10.  Rights of mortgagee;  payment of rent and costs    Nothing contained in sections 2A:42-7 and 2A:42-8 of this title shall extend  to bar the right of a mortgagee of such lease, or any part thereof, who shall  not be in possession, if he shall, within 6 months after judgment is obtained  and execution executed, pay all rent in arrear, costs and damages sustained by  the lessor, or person entitled to the remainder or reversion and perform the  covenants and agreements which on the part and behalf of the first lessee  should be performed.

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