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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Procedures for Service of Process By Special Civil Part Officers

Procedures for Service of Process By Special Civil Part Officers 
The service of initial, mesne, and post-judgment process shall be carried out by Special Civil Part Officers pursuant to the procedures set forth in Appendix F to this Directive, which is entitled “Procedures for Service of Process by Special Civil Part Officers,” and relevant New Jersey Rules of Court and statutes. Appendix F forms will be updated from time to time by the Administrative Office of the Courts and Special Civil Part Officers are expected to keep themselves abreast of all such changes. Common examples of initial process are service of landlord/tenant summons and complaints or reservice of original service of process on other docket types within the Special Civil Part Court. Examples of mesne process are service of a writ of attachment or writ of replevin. Common examples of post-judgment process are a writ of execution against goods and chattels or an order for execution against wages. 

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