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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Writ Register Requirements for Officers Serving Post-Judgment Process

Writ Register Requirements for Officers Serving Post-Judgment Process 
The Special Civil Part Officer shall maintain a Writ Register for all Civil Part, if any, and Special Civil Part executions. The writ register shall contain: 
1. Issue date of execution and expiration date of execution 
2. Date of the execution (date the Officer enters this information into their computer) 
3. Execution number (writ #) 
4. Docket number, venue, vicinage judgment (VJ) number or docketed judgment (DJ) number of the case 
5. Nature of the execution (wage, chattel or replevin) 
6. Caption of the case 
7. Amount of the execution 
8. Remarks/status of execution, which must provide, as follows: 
a) Date(s) of attempted service; 
b) Date of actual service if more than one date of attempted service; 
c) Verification of the debtor’s employment, if any, and any other relevant information provided by the garnishee to the Officer (e.g., debtor never employed, debtor’s employment terminated, debtor seasonal or part time employee, etc.); 
9. Notice of bankruptcy, if any 

10. All accrued interest requests, if any. 

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