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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Resolution of Disputes Regarding Fees and Dollarage

Resolution of Disputes Regarding Fees and Dollarage 
Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 22A:2-37.2, a Special Civil Part Officer is entitled to his or her fee or dollarage when a levy made by the Special Civil Part Officer is the effective cause in producing payment or settlement of a judgment. Special Civil Part Officers retain the right to collect their fees or dollarage through an independent civil lawsuit and/or a motion in the underlying case. Issues pertaining to the appearance of conflict, as a result of any such lawsuit or motion, shall be addressed by the Assignment Judge or designee assigned to hear the suit or motion. The Assignment Judge must be immediately informed by the Officer if there is any civil litigation that they, or their immediate family members, are involved within their county of appointment. (See Section V (C) and Appendix D – Disclosure Form) 
J. Coordination of Collection Efforts With Other Officers 

On any given case there may be more than one execution issued to two or more Special Civil Part Officers. Upon receiving notice that this has occurred, each Officer must contact the other Officer(s) and coordinate their collection efforts to avoid overpayment by the judgment debtor. 

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