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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NJSA 2A:44A-30 Filing of Certificate to Discharge Lien Claim of Record

2A:44A-30. Filing of certificate to discharge lien claim of record
30. a. When a lien claim has been filed and the claim has been paid, satisfied or settled by the parties or forfeited by the claimant, the claimant or his successor in interest or his attorney shall, within 30 days, file with the county clerk a certificate, duly acknowledged or proved, directing the county clerk to discharge the lien claim of record, which certificate shall contain:

(1) The date of filing the lien claim;

(2) The book and page number endorsed thereon;

(3) The name of the owner of the land named in the notice;

(4) The location of the property; and

(5) The name of the person for whom the work, services, equipment or materials was provided.

b. If the claimant shall fail or refuse to file this certificate, then upon application by any party in interest, upon notice to the claimant, to be served upon him in the same manner as provided by section 7 of this act, or upon satisfactory proof that the claimant cannot be served, any judge of the Superior Court may, upon good cause being shown, order the lien claim discharged. The county clerk shall thereupon attach the certificate or order to the original notice of lien claim on file and shall note on the record thereof "discharged by certificate" or "discharged by court order," as the case may be.

c. Any lien claimant who fails to discharge a lien claim of record pursuant to this section shall be liable for all court costs, and reasonable legal expenses, including attorneys fees, incurred by the owner, the contractor, or subcontractor, or any combination of owner, contractor and subcontractor, as applicable, to discharge or obtain the discharge of the lien, and in addition thereto, the court may enter judgment against the claimant for damages to any or all of the parties adversely affected by the failure to discharge the lien.

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