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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NJSA 2A:44A-4 Lien for Improvements; Attachment

2A:44A-4. Lien for improvements; attachment

4. Liens for the following improvements shall attach to real property only in the manner herein prescribed. In the case of an improvement:

a. Involving a dock, wharf, pier, bulkhead, return, jetty, piling, groin, boardwalk or pipeline above, on or below lands under waters within the States jurisdiction, the lien shall be on the improvements together with the contracting owners interest in the lots of land in front of or upon which the improvements are constructed and any interest of the contracting owner of the land in the land or waters in front of the land;

b. Involving removal of a building or structure or part of a building or structure from its situs and its relocation on other land, the lien shall be on the contracting owners interest in the improved real property on which the building or structure has been relocated;

c. Involving excavation, drainage, dredging, landfill, irrigation work, construction of banks, making of channels, grading, filling, landscaping or the planting of any shrubs, trees or other nursery products, the lien shall be on the land to which the improvements are made, and shall not be upon the adjoining lands directly or indirectly benefited from the improvements.

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