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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NJSA 3B:9-9. Bar of Right to Disclaim

3B:9-9. Bar of right to disclaim.

a.The right of an individual to disclaim property or any interest therein is barred by:

(1)an assignment, conveyance, encumbrance, pledge or transfer of the property or interest or a contract therefor; or

(2)a written waiver of the right to disclaim; or

(3)an acceptance of the property or interest or a benefit under it after actual knowledge that a property right has been conferred; or

(4)a sale of the property or interest that was seized under judicial process before the disclaimer is made; or

(5)the expiration of the permitted applicable perpetuities period; or

(6)a fraud on the individuals creditors as set forth in the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (R.S.25:2-20 et seq.).

b.The disclaimant shall not be barred from disclaiming all or any part of the balance of the property where the disclaimant has received a portion of the property and there still remains an interest which the disclaimant is yet to receive.

c.A bar to the right to disclaim a present interest in joint property does not bar the right to disclaim a future interest in that property.

d.The right to disclaim may be barred to the extent provided by other applicable statutory law.

Amended 1988, c.74, s.2; 2004, c.132, s.72; 2005, c.160, s.11.

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