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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Personal Legal Checkup

1. Do you have a will which has been revised within the past 3 years? (Y, N)
2. Are there any estate planning changes which should be considered? (Y, N)
3. Have the liability policy limits of your insurance increased within the past three years? (Y, N)
4. Are there any potential claims which could be asserted against you? (Y, N)
5. Do you presently have a written and current listing of all important future dates, such as expiration, option, maturity and due dates? (Y, N)
6. Are you aware of, and do you have a current valuation of, all potential government benefits to which you are or will become entitled? (Y, N)
7. Do you have a file, stored in a secure and fireproof location, containing all important documents (wills, titles, securities, contracts, marriage/divorce papers, deeds, pension/profit sharing plans, ect.) (Y, N)
8. Have you within the past 3 years reviewed the beneficiary designation on all documents which require such information? (Y, N)
9. Do you have a complete and current personal financial statement which list in detail all of your personal assets and liabilities? (Y, N)
10. Do you have a complete and current inventory of all of your physical possessions, sufficient to support a claim in the event of a loss? (Y, N)
11. To the extent the foregoing question are relevant to your spouse (if any) and minor children (if any), are there any matters or issues which should be updated, reconsidered, or changed? (Y, N)
12. To the extent there are persons other than spouse or children for whom you may have some responsibilities ( e.g., aging parents ), are there items or issues which should be updated or changed? (Y, N)
13. Have any of these questions caused you to consider taking some action or making some further review? (Y, N)

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